June 09, 2003
  Alright people, I got a blog! I'm gonna treat this as a journal / opinion thing, just like my buddy Dan! (He's the one that started this whole blog trend duncha' know). So, since this is my first one and I don't know if it's going to work, I'll be quick. I had an alright day, I got grumpy when I came home though, and I think I'm still a little crabby, I don't really know why... Anyway, I'm doin' alright now. I saw Memento again... That's a great movie. It's extremely well done, and wasn't very good the second time I saw it. Probably just a good movie to see once and figure it out from there... I didn't pick up on anything new the second time. There, not very short, I hope this works. Laaata! 
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